Shaft Design for a Military Target Practice Vehicle


The purpose of the work was to design a drive shaft to be used on a battery powered vehicle for use by the military. The drive shaft was to accommodate the power transmission components, as well as the bearings and the drive wheels. The overall length of the design was 750mm, with the shaft 38mm at its thickest, and 20mm at the ends, which was determined after iteration. Two 63006-2RS1 bearings, along with circlips and shoulders along the shaft, with a 35mm pilot bored 06B 3/8″ sprocket. Including safety factors, the stresses on the shaft were below what the chosen material, Mild Steel (AISI 1018) was found to be capable of, and so the design was deemed fit for purpose. Aluminium 6061-T6 was also evaluated, however it was deemed not suitable due to its ultimate tensile strength.


3D Model