Racing Academy (Investigating Vehicle Dynamics)


The purpose of the work was to determine what was the optimal configuration of Engines, Tyres and Gear Ratios (and Technique) to gain the lowest time on Racing Academy, relevant to the goals of the racing sector. First, an Engine was chosen from a selection, for which the 2.6l Rotary produced the lowest time (14.564s). On Level 2, two additional engines were available, of which the Twin Rotor 3.5l performed best, as well as an ability to select tyres of which the ZR17 Slick produced the best result (12.327s for the combination). Finally, on Level 3, the Gear Ratios were adjustable, for which [5.00, 3.41, 2.20, 1.57, 1.27, 0.82] produced the best time of 12.092s. From these results we can tell to obtain a low time that a high value of friction for the tyres is important to gain traction, we need an engine with a torque curve that allows the maximum average torque to be produced over the course of a race, and a gear ratio that again allows for the maximum average output torque to be delivered to the tyres over the race, as well as a technique to control wheel spin.



Due to the lab being repeated for other years, the full report has not been uploaded. It is however available on request, using the contact details available.