Calibration Curves for Drop Rigs (MATLAB Introduction Exercise)


The purpose of the experiment was to create a calibration curve for a drop rig, and so to determine how the values of ‘Peak Force’ and ‘Drop Height’ are connected. Three different heights were used for drops (25mm, 45mm and 65mm) and the drops were repeated five times, totalling 15 different drop attempts. The peak force was then determined from the load cell and the data for each drop was then compiled, and a graph was plotted with a line of best fit through the data points. From this, the equation of Peak Force = (76.534)(Height) + 1231.4 was determined, where Force is in ‘Newtons’ and ‘Height’ is in millimetres, and so it can been seen that ‘Peak Force’ is proportional to ‘Height’ (F=kh + c).



Due to the lab being repeated for other years, the full report has not been uploaded. It is however available on request, using the contact details available.