I’m currently an on placement student studying for an MEng Mechanical Engineering with Placement degree at the University of Bath.

For this year (2017 – 2018), I’m working at OC Robotics, a Bristol based company, and part of GE Aviation, that is the world leader in robotics for confined and hazardous environments, using snake-arm robots.

Current Average – High 2:1



Previous Education

For secondary school I attended King’s College School in Wimbledon. I gained A*A*A* in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, along with an additional A (91%) in AS Economics. I also achieved 10 A*s and 1 A for my (I)GCSEs.

Photo by William Brierly from Wikimedia Commons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King's_College_School#/media/File:The_quad.jpg

Current Studies

I currently attend the University of Bath for Mechanical Engineering, and hope to achieve a first class degree.

Other Interests

I have a keen interest in Powerlifting, with a view to eventually compete in (tested) competitions (currently 6’4 115kg), and I also like to stay active playing a variety of sports recreationally in my spare time. I’m also an avid Rugby, American Football, Basketball and Boxing fan.


Academic Projects

Second Year

D-Lock Cutter Shaft Design for a Military Target Practice Vehicle Automatic Paper Aeroplane Launcher
Projectile Modelling (using MATLAB)  Masala Dosa Folding Machine Space Shuttle Re-Entry Heat Title Investigation
 Flexible Manufacturing Video  Clay Court Dragger (Sweeper) Technical Feasibility Study


First Year

Gearbox Design


A-Levels and Before

Aerodynamics Extended Essay (A-Level Work)  Artificial Intelligence Investigation iPhone Speaker Dock


Lab Reports

Second Year

Modelling and Position Control of a DC Motor Vibrations Investigation (using mountain bike damping system) Aerofoil Investigation
Steam Motors and Energy Conservation  Plane Frame Investigation


First Year

Bridge Building Presentation Calibration Curves for Drop Rigs (MATLAB Introduction Exercise) Errors and Uncertainties
Engineering Properties of Materials Racing Academy (Investigating Vehicle Dynamics)  CAD Introductory Assignment
Strain Gauges Flow of a Free Air Jet


Personal Projects & Skills

Server Management Hovercraft


Self Guided Learning

Learning Data Science: Understanding the Basics Editing and Proofreading Made Simple

Current and Completed Modules



At OC Robotics | A GE Aviation Company, working with snake-arm robots (Web, YouTube).

This offered the opportunity to get involved with both the design and build sides of Mechanical Engineering, significantly developing my appreciation of what real world engineering is like, taking into account the facets of taking a product from a CAD representation to a functional product that fulfils a client’s needs.

Working in a what is effectively a small company, having its own site despite being part of General Electric, has also allowed me to be exposed to the business side of engineering, in terms of myself liaising with the company’s suppliers (for example workshops) to fulfil our designs, and also getting exposure to how OC Robotics’ clients demonstrate their problems and requirements, which is essential any design company to effectively fill a need. The atmosphere of the office has also allowed me to get exposure to our related departments, and I have found working with software and electronics has given me an appreciation of what are the real current capabilities of mechanically based systems. This has also encouraged me to broaden my range and depth of programming / scripting language knowledge, in order that I can be the most versatile engineer I can be, and have a greater appreciation of the timescales and complexities of various non-mechanical sub-tasks.

The placement has also taught me about the need to be resilient and responsive to problems occurring during any pre-delivery points, mainly referring to lead-time issues, defective parts, or actual design oversights, taking account of the fact the priority for the client is to get a fit-for-purpose product by their target date, and for all intents-and-purposes everything before then can be treated as a black-box where the onus is on the engineers to resolve any issues that crop up.

All of these points, along with many other learning points, some of which cannot be mentioned due to the confidential nature of the work, make me confident I will return to the University of Bath in 2018 a far more competent engineer, with a solid fundamental business understanding, which can only bode well for the future.




1ST YEAR – 2:1 (69%) – 0% OF FINAL DEGREE